Pepper and Ginger's Road Trip - A Visit to Memphis

Pepper's Road Trip
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
Me Teasing Paul
Me teasing Paul
Memphis. Home of the blues and good BarBQue. Home of Elvis and Mom's family.

Mom grew up in Memphis. She left it in 1976 (when she married Dad). We go back to visit a couple of times a year.

We get to play in a nice yard with Grass (something that we sadly lack here in the Desert). Best of all, I get to play Frisbee with someone less than 50 years of age. My Frisbee partner is Mom and Dad's grandson, Paul.

Ginger and her Ball
Ginger and her Ball
The Fence around Graceland
Also, in Memphis is Graceland. It's probably the largest tourist attraction that the town has.

As you can see from this Map, Mom's childhood home really isn't far from Graceland at all.

As he's been dead for twenty five years, Elvis is still considered big business here.

Although I am a small Black Poodle, I want to make a few comments about this.

The man's dead... Let his memory rest, such as it is.

After all, he was an entertainer. He died of a drug overdose. Who in their right mind would pay money to visit his empty home, or buy postcards, shot glasses or other junk - to remember him by???

Elvis wanted to be called King. His name apparently didn't suit him. I know several Dogs named King. None of them want to be called Elvis...

Dogs wouldn't try to make Money off of the Dead either.

Kind of makes you think.

Memphis - The Big Picture