Pepper and Ginger's Road Trip - Leg 1 - Havasu to Memphis

Pepper's Road Trip
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
The Route
We get on Interstate 40 I-40 at Arizona milepost 9. We've driven this route several times before.

Interstate 40 for the most part use to be the old Route 66. We mention this because alot of the 'tourist' attractions on I-40 are leftovers of the Route 66 era.

Tourist traps, actually. Nothing of interest for a Poodle. It did get interesting in Amarillo..

First Stop - The Cadillac Ranch

Ready to Roll
Hey Driver, Let's get Truckin'
The famous Cadillac Ranch
We're Ready. Let's Go!
Everyone has left their 'mark' here, Me too...

In a field several miles West of Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch. This was some artists statement. OK, we agree that it's different. It's also free to visit and gives Ginger and myself a chance to stretch our legs.

Looking at the cars, it seems like there are many 'would-be' artists that decorate the cars. If I wasn't a Poodle, I'd sell Krylon Paint at the entrance to this place. That would keep me in Biscuits.

We consider Amarillo to be one of the better stops on I-40. There is a good Bar-B-Que place called the Cattle Call not too far from here. Let's go, I'm hungry...