Pepper and Ginger's Road Trip

Pepper's Road Trip
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
Late in the Summer [it doesn't matter which Summer], We get real tired of the heat. This is the time that we escape the heat and take a road trip.

Mom and Dad wanted to try something different. We wanted to see the West Coast this year. But first things first - We needed to drop off some stuff at Veronica's [in Memphis]. Then up to Minneapolis to visit Dad's Mom. From Minnesota, we would drive back West. We wanted to see the Oregon Coast and Northern California.

The trip took close to a month to complete. We drove a total of 7200 Miles. Our Route is outlined in Yellow on the Map.

The Big Picture
Our Route [in Yellow]
We're Ready. Let's Go!
We're ready to go. Hurry up, Dad.
Our trip starts in Lake Havasu. We are going to take Interstate 40 East to Memphis Tenneesee [some 1500 miles East on I-40], swing North to Minnesota. After a week in Minnesota, we go West on I-90 to Yakima Wasington. From Yakima, we hit the coast on Hwy 101 heading South. We cut over to the Sierras and Home.

Leg 1 of our trip is from Arizona to Memphis TN. I-40 parallels the old Route 66 highway. Actually, Route 66 exists as isolated stretches of road. In Memphis we deliver a bed to our daughter and see the grandkids.

Leg 2 is from Memphis to Minneapolis. We're in a hurry to get to Minneapolis, so we do not take any photos or waste any time on the road.

Leg 3 is from Minneapolis to Yakima Washington. We make several stops enroute and take many Photos.

Leg 4 is from Yakima to Reno Nevada. We see the Ocean and take more Photos.

Leg 5 is from Reno back home to Havasu. We see the Mountains and Death Valley. (and take more Photos)