Pepper - A Black Minature Poodle with Class

Pepper - A Minature with Style
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
Yeah, every family has a 'black sheep' in it. My family wasn't complete until it had a Black Poodle in it.

The name's Pepper. Pleased to meet you. Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web. I'm not too big on tootin my own horn [like my sister Ginger is], so I will keep it short and sweet.

I joined my family in October 2002. Mom and Dad drove all the way to Boise Idaho to pick me up. Dad had seen my picture on the Internet and decided that I would make a fine addition to the family.

The picture to the right shows Ginger, Dad and me doing another multi-million dollar deal over the phone.

With Dad and Ginger
Ginger, Dad and Me
With Mom, Ginger, Me, and of course, My Frisbee
Mom, Ginger, My FRISBEE, and Me
I guess that you are wondering why do I have a Web Page on ? After all, I'm a BLACK Poodle. Hey, don't sweat it. One of my parents was Red. I'm BLACK and proud of it.

I'm an 'action' Dog. That is, I hate to sit around and do nothing. My most favored activity is playing FRISBEE. Actually, I can't get enough of it. Ever since I was introduced to the Sport at a young age, I have honed my FRISBEE skills to a fine edge.

My preference in FRISBEES is confined to the soft Nylon types. The brand Flippy Flopper wanted me to be their spokesdog. I declined as I want them to 'poodle size' the FRISBEE to a smaller format [so it will be easier for smaller Dogs - like Ginger - to handle it].

My FRISBEE workout schedule goes something like this:

Weekdays - Workouts start immediately after the old man [Dad] gets home from work. Normally, as soon as he gets in the front door.

Weekends - Every Hour on the Hour is ideal. However, due to the old man's age - every 2 Hours is acceptable.

The photos to the right shows my natural grace in the water. Ester Williams would be envious.

Air, Ground or Water - I get My Frisbee
Me and My FRISBEE on Lake Havasu
Ginger and Myself playing 'Child Custody'
Ginger and Myself playing 'Child Custody'
Of course, FRISBEE is not the only game enjoyed by me.

My other favorite game is called 'Child Custody'. In this game Ginger and me fight over the possession of one of her 'babies'.

Neither of us actually Win this game but the Baby usually Loses [an arm or a leg - that is].

Check out our Trip Pepper on the Road:

Nothing beats a good Road Trip! Click on the Dog to see my last Road Trip.

Pepper's Travel Tip:

Hard to believe that some Motels charge bogus Pet 'Fees' or don't let us stay there. Motel 6 is the exception. Therefore, they have the Pepper's 'Paws Up' endorsement.

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As busy as I am, I'm not too busy to respond to the teeming masses that visit this site. Feel free to Write! Click on the Mailbox to the Left. I do not bite. I'm even more tolerant of Cats than Ginger is. When asked about how I like Cats -- I respond; " Tastes just like Chicken."