Pepper, the Frisbee Champ

Pepper's Learns       
      About Frisbees...
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
Ginger shows me how

Ginger Leads the Way

Mom tosses the disk and off runs Ginger. Ginger tries to catch the disk but misses out because Mom's such a lousy shot.

I see the process. Mom throws... Ginger looks at the disk floating like a bird in flight... Ginger chases the disk... Ginger gets the disk... Ginger brings back the disk to Mom...

Simple enough. I'm ready!

I'm Ready

It didn't take me long to connect the dots.

Everyone, Mom, Ginger, and Dad could not believe how quickly I caught on to this silly game.

The game of Frisbee is actually fun. I'm a natural at this.

Bring on the competition!

That's me getting the Fisbee
I've never played Frisbee before. What's a Frisbee anyway? Mom's got this funny disc that Ginger is so excited about. I'm curious.

Mom's getting ready to play Frisbee with us

thats me getting the Frisbee again

Let the Competition Begin

Even though I'm just a Pup, I'm faster on my feet than Ginger.

It was no contest to see who would reach the Frisbee first.

Ginger never expected the up-start Pup to ace her out in fetching the Frisbee.

Come on Ginger! Try to keep up with me!

Ginger tries to grab it from me

Ginger Strikes Back!

Who would have thought it???

Ginger does not want me to have the Frisbee.

Oh-Oh. Tug of War!

To the Victor goes the Spoils...

Game Over! I've got the Frisbee Now

When Pepper makes up his mind - even a spirited game of Tug of War will not keep him from his prize!

I'm pretty happy in what I've accomplished today.

Just watch me strut my stuff...

Post Game Wrap-Up

Later on in the day - We're home in Mom's chair. Mom, Ginger and me. I had lots of fun learning how to play Frisbee but am the happiest when I'm on Mom's lap.

If Dad were here, he'd say, "It's Miller Time!"

We settle for hugs and Milk Bones instead...

Life is good.

Back Home. Mom, Ginger and Me.