Web Site development with your budget in mind...
So, you are thinking of getting a web site built or re-working your present one. You are shopping around for someone to do the job. You want a quality job, you deserve quality work. It's your money. If you have been on the Internet for any length of time, you have developed an eye for distinguishing a good web site from a poor one. You notice the 'little things' that makes a web page stand out. If you are like most people, you can get a little overwhelmed when you shop around to find someone to build you a site. You may not consider all the choices available to you. Options that include page layout, font selection, graphics selections [backgrounds and clip art] and many other things that you may not be aware of.

I build web sites. I try to build a technicially superior page while keeping the page simple. It does not sound like much - but the little details do matter. Anyone can throw together a web page, but if it takes your visitors several minutes to download your page, or if they cannot clearly see your content, they will not come back. No matter what your ideas are for your web site, I'll work with you to make it exactly what you want. You provide the content for your site, be it about yourself, your family, your pet, a business, whatever. Your content is what you want the web site to say to the world. My job is to take the raw material that you provide and build the type of web site that you can be proud of.

RedPoodle Design - Quality Work - Little Precious deserves it

Most web sites contain photos.

To make the photos more presentable for your web site, I will enhance them in Adobe PhotoShop for the best possible presentation.

However, if you want something a little different, we can work from a pre-made site template. Some of these templates are free. Other commercial templates cost a few dollars extra. Any template that you select can be modified to suit your site's needs. The choice is yours.

What I offer in the line of web page development is this. A simple one page layout [the same as this page] is about $75.00 . You can use this design or select a free template for this Basic Fee. I estimate the overall cost of your web site on the amount of time that I have to invest in your project. Included in my estimate is the inclusion of up to 3 photos, a custom background [on the same scale as the sample background shown], your choice of font selection and size. Keep in mind if the amount of material you want in the page takes longer than 3 hours to complete - I will charge at a rate of $25 an hour. Multiple pages requires more development time. Typical three page web sites cost around $150 to produce and upload to the Server. It really depends on how long it takes at $25/hr.

When you consider the amount of effort to put it all together, the graphics work and layout times, you will find my rates extremely reasonable. Why am I so reasonable? Web site development is a hobby and something that I do in my spare time. My customer will be someone wanting a modest site. It's unlikely that General Motors or UPS will contract my services. Perhaps you will?

Does the photo on the left look familiar? When you entered the site through the 'Splash Page', you saw this photo. I modified the photo to use as a Splash Page using Adobe PhotoShop and ImageReady. The Splash Page took about an hour's time to create. Another example of a Splash Page can be found here .
It was created in about 45 minutes using PhotoShop and Flash. Splash Pages are not for every web site but can add a little flair to the presentation of your web site.

You want more?

For a little more money I can provide you with an Internet Domain Name and Hosting services at extremely affordable rates.

Does this Photo look Familiar??
Your web site can be as plain or as fancy as what you want. Guest book, web cam streaming, photo slide shows, custom E-mail accounts, JAVA Applet inclusion, Java Scripting or Flash presentations. All can be included into your web site. Your only additional costs for these features, is for the time I take to add these items [at $25/hour] to the basic web site.

If you think that I may be of some assistance to you - send me an E-mail and we'll talk about it. Let's go back to Ginger's personal web site to see what can be included on your site.