Ginger Welcoming You!
Introducing Ginger
'The Princess' and
Her Executive Staff
Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
You may have seen the segment on me in the Television show 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' [Robin Leach is still thanking me in boosting the show's standings, during the Nielson ratings]. Not that I need Network Television, I have my own Network that hosts Lake Havasu's version of PoodleVision .

My former good friend, Leona Hemsley, has used some of my better phrases. "Where the Queen stands Guard" was originally "Where the Princess stands Guard". She also plagiarized "Only the Little people pay Taxes!" which was, "Only the Little people own Cats!". She ended up in the slammer, which was only proper for the crimes she committed.

My Assistant and myself. As seen on 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'
On Tour in South Dakota Every Summer, you will find me on Tour - somewhere in America. Last Summer, I had a limited engagement at the Black Hills resort area. I do not wish to mis-lead you, but, only the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brought in more Tourists to South Dakota than my visit.

We've been informed that our visit encouraged quality visitors to the area and not those unsavory characters that frequent those Biker rallies.

The local Chamber of Commerce suggested an event - " The Deadwood Poodle Daze", but we graciously declined the offer as special guest star. It did not fit in to the type of image that we maintain.

No Poodle Web Site is complete without a gratuitious picture if the main subject being Foo-Fooed up.

I do so hate to be primped up and shown off to an adoring public , but I guess that it's my lot in life to be adorable to others...

The photos to the right and below, shows me all dolled up for Christmas.

My executive staff also uses this as an opportunity to get a 'photo op' with me.

Bottom Left - I sit with my executive chef, groomer and assistant. She has proven herself worthy of my affections and loyalty.

Bottom Right - I sit with my entertainment director, web master and side kick. He is not as worthy as my assistant - but he is salvageable.

The Princess 2001 Christmas Photo
My executive assistant

[top] Moi [left bottom] My Companion [bottom] My Sidekick

The web master and general sidekick