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Being a smart Poodle, I can bark in several Languages. Would you like me to translate this page for you???
No dog should be treated this way! I agree. Let me introduce myself. I'm Ginger. By looking at me you would guess that I am a Red Toy French Poodle. That is only a guess... I'm people. I'm Mom's little girl and Dad's little buddy. I've built this Web Page so you can learn about me and my life here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We get a few visitors from here and there. I see that you are from:

Before you get too confortable here - could you please shake off your Fleas??? Thanks, that's better... Have I taken leave of my manners? I have completely forgotten that you are my guest and should receive the traditional greeting. Let me start over...

A bored Little Princess... Life can be pretty boring when my executive staff is not present to give me the attention I deserve. Right now Mom [my groomer, chef, chauffeur, and chief companion] is not here. Dad is either off to his secondary tasking [he calls it going to work] or he is goofing off in town some where. In any event - he is not here discharging his primary assigned duties [playing ball, tug-of-war, hide and seek, or other games I can think of]. Mom says that he is a 'natural' at playing with me as she says that he is a kid that 'never grew up'. That's fine with me. He has some visible talent at least. Speaking of my executive staff - They have been trained to provide me with the level of service that I deserve.
As I said, Dad is the one who usually plays with me. Sometimes he's not around and I want to Play! When ever this happens, and that is often, I will have Mom discharge his duties. In the photo to the right, I am getting Mom up from her break time in order to entertain me. Mom is not only my primary responsibility, she is my best friend. My most favored place in the house is on my chair [which use to be hers] and sitting in her lap.

I sometimes do not fully understand the humans that I live with. Dad is easy to understand. Mom is unpredictable at times. Most likely she is still suffering from the influences of my predecessor [the Cat].

Today, the house is a Cat free zone and I am doing my best to erase any remaining influences. Click on the Cat's photo to hear my Opinion of them. The Human translation of my valued Opinion can be found Here.

Me waking up Mom from a snooze
Dad and me burning the midnight oil Later on in the night, Mom has retired for the evening. I'm still sitting in my chair across from Dad. He is usually on his Laptop tooling around on the Internet or writing programs. Like I said, I will never fully understand the Humans that I live with. Sometimes I think that I could give them the multitude of names that I get called. Even though my name is Ginger, I have a half dozen names that they sometimes call me. Mom calls me 'Sweetheart' or 'Precious'. I guess that's understandable coming from one's Mom. Dad, however, calls me 'Pretty Pretty Princess' [he also calls Mom 'Queenie' when he does this], or he calls me the 'The Pom-Pom Queen'.
Of all the nerve. Dogs have better things to do than place a name on the humans they take care of. We wouldn't let you know about it anyway. Let me tell you a thing or two about us. Dogs are 'nobody's fool' when it comes to humans. I'm sure that you have seen the movie on TV where the crook has everyone fooled except for the Dog. People do not see the most obvious things. Even in my own home everyone sees the ' pecking order ' differently. Mom thinks that she is in charge. Dad, who knows what he thinks? What they think is of little concern. This is my web site and I will tell you I think. OK? Let's start with my thoughts on some web sites as long as your crusin' the Web.

Ginger's pick of the Litter:

Think that you're smart? Think that you really know about Poodles? We all could use a little education [starting with my staff]. A great web site about the History of Poodles is a good place to start. Expect to spend some time there...

Still think that you are smart? Think that you really know about Toy Poodles? What it took me Months to train my Staff -- could have learned in a few hours at Michele Welton's great web site about Selecting your Toy Poodle .

One of the best information web sites on Poodles is Sue Vicker's

Another great information web site on Poodles is . Time well spent.

For an un-biased viewpoint and general News we recommend

Need to get in touch with the Basics when dealing with Dogs in general? Don't have a clue when we try to tell you something? Better bone up on the answers at

Pepper - Our resident Black Poodle
As mandated by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and It's commitment to Diversity in the work place, has added a new member to it's Staff.

We want to welcome Pepper. He was recuited from Abba Poodles in Boise Idaho. Pepper commands our Frisbee Sports Division and is in charge of Rabbit abatement at Corporate Headquarters. Incidentally, he our EEO counselor. Welcome aboard Pepper.

In the mood for some choice dry humor? Even though he is not a Poodle, my friend Jerry dishes it out. And yeah, he is funny [as is his human, Tom].

My friend Xingo is a Labradoodle and his human, Charlie live in Sweden. Both have terrific Web Sites.

Hungry for some jucy Steak???. Buck shows you how he gets his Steak. Your Browser must be configured with the Flash Plug-in to see how Buck gets his. Oh yeah, it's a lengthy download [close to 1Mb]. If you are on a dialup connection expect to wait - but it's worth it.

For the ultimate on-line shopping search (your Poodle deserves it), I recommend the Froogle Search Engine hosted by our friends at Google.

Who's `da Man? Daniel Will-Harris is who. We discovered his site quite by accident with a Google search. One of those terrific sites that you find by chance. Not only is he bookmarked, we subscribed to his Newsletter as well. Always a good read.

Visit the Site
Probably the best read Computer Newsletter is by Chris Prillo. We have been reading it for YEARS. The Newsletter has grown into several different Newsletters. All FREE.
Information About Windows and Broadband You Can Use! One of the best Computer Newsletters is by Scot Finnie. Lots of good info in every issue. You can get it delivered to your Dog House too. It's FREE.
join the langalist! The Langa List by Fred Langa is a must read if you want to keep current with computers and the Internet. Loaded with great info in every issue. Comes in two flavors - FREE and Premium.
Get Married? Check it out here.
Marry your Pet

Most people do not understand our Canine ways . Not only that, Dogs have a sense of humor . Problem is - most humans [and Cats] don't get the 'joke'. Well thanks for spending a few moments visiting with me today. If you can't make it, you can leave your mark in my Guestbook .

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